A history of more
than 50 years
in shaping
our environment.




Vandenberg Air Force Base Dormitories
Lompoc, California


This project called for the renovation of 60 four-bedroom dormitory units. Each unit was redesigned to have 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1 kitchen, 1 game room/lounge, and 1 laundry closet. The entire project encompassed 123,195 square foot, a total of 240 rooms for 240 occupants. The project involved the reconfiguration of existing interior space to new Air Force “Standards of Excellence” which provide more room per occupant, and the addition of other amenities. Older standards required an occupancy of 2 occupants per room and 6 rooms per floor. The new standards called for 1 person per room and only 4 rooms per floor.


VAFB Dorms