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The Great Western Forum
Los Angeles, California

Great Western Forum
LA Forum

The Great Western Forum is one of the primary arenas in the southern California region. The column-free sports and exhibition facility accommodates a large variety of attractions, including circuses, rodeos, concerts, ice shows, track meets, concerts and conventions in addition to athletic events such as basketball and hockey.

Sructurally, the building features precast, post-tensioned concrete arches which form a 70-foot-high compression ring that supports a cable roof, creating a clear span over the entire 3.5 acre area of the building. In order to save construction time, the structural frame was precast on-site and the seat risers and treads were cast off-site and delivered on a pre-determined schedule. The 407-foot diameter clear span cable-suspension roof permitted fast erection with minimum supporting structures. Together these efforts conserved approximately nine months of a normal design and construction period.


LA Forum