A history of more
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Firm Profile

Firm Profile

Mission Statement

It is our mission to consistently provide architectural, planning and design solutions that will enhance the environment and that will meet and exceed the expectations and visions of our clients and our community.

Firm Profile

The Luckman Partnership, Inc. stands out in the field of architecture for its commitment to people, their goals and visions. Our talent lies in turning those goals and visions into a reality. Our clients have come to us with plans for the growth of their organization, and on several occasions, once the building was operational, those numbers were far exceeded. We make it our mission to listen to our client's goals, because in our experience, it works.

In its 50-year history The Luckman Partnership, Inc. has created landmarks from Hawaii to Florida, Texas to Arizona and Oregon to Connecticut. In Southern California, The Luckman Partnership's buildings are a major part of the area's history, communities and scenic skyline. Whether you are traveling by air from LAX or taking your family to the zoo, you will encounter the work of The Luckman Partnership, Inc. We pride ourselves on having become an integral part of the Southern California lifestyle and communities.

What is the secret to The Luckman Partnership's 50-year history? The answer lies in our commitment to clients, personal service,design excellenceand progressive and effective management.Our commitment to the client starts from the very first meeting, we listen to the goals and plans they have for their project, their budget and the vision they have for the project. After collecting this data from our clients we begin planning and designing a facility that will meet and beat their expectations. During the entire process we keep goals, vision and budget in mind. In terms of design excellence, again we turn to the client's goals and vision for the project and combine this with our own expertise. This approach leads to the type of designs that have won the firm over 100 awards. We also work on a system of merit as well as seniority, putting together a management team that has strong experience, always accompanied by new and fresh ideas.

The Luckman Partnership, Inc. has an equal opportunity hiring practice that is all-inclusive and does not discriminate. This practice is obvious by the diversity in our office and makes for a very effective and dynamic team.

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